Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Treats

These are the baskets that my kids received for Easter. It's probably not what some people would consider dazzling, but my kids are happy just to get some candy. LOL Seriously though- Easter is for celebrating the Resurrection of Christ, not the Easter bunny. I bought everything from the dollar store and other discount stores. I spent $13.00 for everything. The girls and the baby got stuffed bunnies, the boys got nerf type footballs and a spinning top. They all got straws shaped like a bunny (a big hit with the kids), malted eggs, marshmallow bunny and jelly beans. Plus each of their "baskets" are actually a bucket to use in the yard this spring.


Mom2fur said...

Those are beautiful Easter baskets! I remember one year my brother gave me a stuffed black duck for Easter and I thought it was the coolest Easter gift ever. We're talking over 40 years ago, and I still remember that duck. I also remember a simple plastic bunny bank. I have a feeling your kids will treasure the memory of these little toys far longer than the memory of candy!

Anonymous said...

I love your Easter baskets for the kids. I love how you keep it simple and remind them what Easter is about. I have always done the same with my kids and they always loved their Easter baskets.
Oh by the way Kel, I love your blog, it is so neat to be able to stay in connect easier.
Aunt Pam

blessedme said...

I love your Easter baskets. Honestly, I think they get out of hand. I got some $3.99 buckets from Micheals and filled them with mostly finds from Dollar tree and the clearance aisle at Target. My kids didn't know the difference.