Friday, October 15, 2010

Great Resources

 My favorite cloth diapers. They have a forum to buy used diapers and covers:
Cloth Diapers, Covers and Training Pants from Mother-ease

Tons of info and pictures that explain each type of diaper:

Lot's of sales if you sign up for email:

Sign up for email and have have diaper seconds sales a few times a year:
Diapers | Cotton Fleece | Wipes | Diaper Spray & Concentrate | Doublers | Blanket and Burp Cloth

This is a giant forum for buying and selling used diapers and covers:
Cloth Diapers & Parenting Community -

My fav magazine with a giant forum for natural parenting:
mothering |

Breastfeeding help and answers:
kellymom :: Breastfeeding and Parenting

Giant forum to learn about babywearing and buying used:

Local Gr Resources:
My forum where you can meet everyone in the area. Yes, some people are out of state and still talk on the forum: once you make 10 posts you can see the whole forum with lots more info.

GR natural parenting group:
Grand Rapids Natural Parenting Group

 GR babywearing group with lending library:
Grand Rapids Babywearing

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Upcycled Wool longies, soakers and other wool projects....

I am going to post a bunch of different sites that have pictures, tutorials or patterns for different recycled wool items. Most of the items will be diaper covers (soakers and longies). I will update this list as I find more fun things. Please send me an email if you find a broken link. Thanks.

Here is a picture tutorial on making a longie.

Here is another longie.

Here is a written instructions for a longie plus instructions on how to felt the wool. 

Here is a tutorial for a soaker using a sweater. 

Here is another longie pictorial. 

Here is a sweet post and instructions for a longie with some links.

Here is another pictorial for a longie.

Here is another resource for longies with pictures.

Here is a quilted throw made from wool sweaters.

Here is a longie and here is it's matching top pictorial.